Saturday, November 29, 2008

Several things to know about Oz..

I'm telling about Oz generally and especially about New South Wales state where is a Wollongong City is located..
-A country of Kanggaroo..of course..and a cute Coala Bear..
-Well known city..Sydney,Melbourne,Canberra,Perth,Gold Coast,Adelaide..
-Neighbour with New Zealand..
-A country with 4 seasons..spring, summer, autumn and winter...but just a bit of place a snow will fall a not a snow country ..
-Word always heard from Aussies- Hi mate/mike..good are worries...beautiful..
-Rent house is paid weekly...
-Many beautiful beaches-for instance Wollongong North Beach,Kiama,Bondi,Cronulla..awesome!!
-Wollongong name comes from means 'a sound of the sea'..
-Right site driving same as in Malaysia..
-It's folk come from all over the world.. whose migrated and became a permanent resident..
me??? intent to be a PR too...hahahahahaha..
-The indigenous people can be found in a place called 'Ulluru".. a quite and peach place..shops open in office hour , only on is opend until 9.00pm...workers got their wage shopping night!!!
-Safety is number one!!!have to make an inspection of the vehicle first before you can renew the rego/road tax to ensure the safety of vehicles....only 5 person are allowed in a car..strictly to be followed..risk assesment has to be filled & signed before can perform any laboratory every event, first information is about a door which is should be used when something bad a good practice right???
-The fee of international children who will be in the public school is AUD4500 per!!!too expensive...
-Have a Muslim community here..mostly the people from the East countries -Iran, Arab, not too hard to practice as a muslim then..
-Monopouse person were also appreciated...they manage a monopouse party!!!
-Have a garage sale...just in front of their houses..everybody are welcome..
-An anti clock wise bus system..example go with 37 bus..back with 57 bus..and we can depend on the published schedule ..approximately punctual!!! hence you can manage your time..the bus also designed for handicaped or old people..very friendly..we can say that the public transport is good..a train as can bring your bicycle into the train..
-Normally, medical centre was set up beside/linked to pharmacy...
-Is easy to claim from ahm, Overseas Student Health your receipt, signed by a need to fill in a form will get your money!!! is my experience..just 5 min..

what else???...ehm ..we will know through the year..

Friday, November 21, 2008


Today aufa kena pergi Public school untuk sesi orentasi sebelum masuk tahun 2009 nanti

Aufa with his new friends..
Ni pic school aufa dari satelit
kat belakang tu la lorong utk ke kelas aufa 2009 nanti..

nampaknya Indonesia lagi glamer dari Malaysia kat Wollongong ni..sabo aje la hehe
Computer class

Rest Room untuk budak2 tak sihat..
Pic kat bawah ni they all amik n tampal kat kami snap la pic2 aufa yg ada dlm ramai tu..jom tgk lagi kat bawah apa aufa buat..

Sementara budak2 dalam kelas..mak mak budak pun kena wat kelas jugak..kelas simple math utk ajar anak2 kat umah hehe...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Best je rasa tengok party ni..memula bebudak buat performance...nyanyi2..then anak aku jadi pirate!!!mcm drama pendekla..pirates treasure hunt...jumpa macam2 la bebudak kena pakai costume animal..finally they found a box with the certificate inside it!!! sijilla..pakai baju graduan tu sumer..nama Aufa is the first..bangga giler dia..dia ingat diala pemenang..hahahahaha..atas dasar apa diaorg susun nama tu..aku pun tak tau..after that pizza time..sib baik ada vegeterian pizza..kami belasah yg tu la..last session disco time!!!pasang lampu ala2 disco..and lagu..menarila depa2...termasukla Aufa..cute je tgk budak2 dancing..rosak anak aku..diajar jd pirate..disco lagi..hehehe..
Aussie ni mmg suka appreciate orang...especially children..kat sekola ada system 'merit'..sesapa behave in a good manner dpt bebudak enjoy theirself in school..hopefully Aufa enjoy his life here..and keep the memories along his grow up..there something to be told..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bondi again

sekali lagi kami sampai di Bondi Beach...kali ni memang ramai....last time kami sampai still winter..sejuknya mak ai...

kami bawak kawan kali ni..namanya khairil..

but hari ni dapat jugak aku merasa ombak bondi ni hehe...memang best..

my son also enjoy...


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Melbourne Cup

Hari ni officemates aku sambut benda ni..
aku ingatkan race kuda...
tp mmg lawak rasa..diaorg pakai baju lawa2..siap dgn hat..ala2 musim panas kat padang lumba kuda..padahal kat office tu..sorang kena bayar AUD10.sayang aku x le ambik gmbar officemates aku ni...
tepat 12.30 dorang makan ramai2.....kacang2..buah2an...sumer ni aku nmpak kat pantry...
then watch tv lumba kuda tu.... bet la kuda mana yg akan menang....masa dorang kumpul ramai2 ni....aku dlm lab............uuuuwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

Kat school aufa, teacher dia bg sorang satu kad gmbar kuda...n tgk tv lumba kuda tu..
teacher tu bgtau hubby aku...klu pergi city time2 pkl 2-3 petang tadi..mmg free..n lengang....sbb sumer Oz duk depan tv....
ehm...mcm ni punya celebration pun ada.............