Saturday, July 5, 2008


This is one of our activities in AUS..sesaja utk kuarkan winter ni..main la lama mana pun..tak kuar pun peluh! we play every saturdays..Therefore, my husband and I bought a new racket...YONEX lagi..terbang lagi $$$.hahaha..nak buat cmna racket sedia ada kami x bw..tggl kat Malaysia..We bought for our son too...and hoping he will not disturbs us..hehe..

In this session..we meet almost all malaysian student with their family..have chit chat..
Today I feel tired and got a bit pain in my left leg..not enough warm up I think..
but demi UOW...kuteruskan juga permainan..
kitaorg ada tounament next week in University of Sydney....
Hidup UOW!!..macam best je nak lawan..kat Malaysia aku tak pernah pun masuk tournament badminton..alih2 kat sini masuk...beregu campuran dgn my beloved husband lagi...

Bang kita try our best k... -sms-

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