Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing Day Madness'09

1st time I heard about boxing day, I've no idea what it is..My hubby,1st time he heard..he think about boxing@tinju..hahaha..
Boxing day is actually about box@kotak...or more recognised as sale day after the christmas sale.
Last year we went no where on boxing day..as we just arrived from Melbourne.
This year, we went to 2 places, Westfield Bondi Junction (26.12.09) and Berkenhead Point (27.12.09). We drove towards Sydney for those 2 days...
As a summary..There are so many people..crowded...so many branded items such as in Nine West ,Canterbury, Diana Ferrari, Guess, Levi's,Oroton (Australian brand),Perfume's shop and more in sale..As a result we were so tired..madness...hehe...ikut hati nak beli semua!!!
Above all, mummy, daddy and Aufa got a new stuff...yahooo!!!.....next year berboxing day di Malaysia pulak....

3pm..masih ramai org...dgr citer kat Sydney City org berkumpul seawal 6pm...

Hajat nak cuci mata dlm butik LV ni..tak kesampaian..tutup..mgkin esoknya(27.12.09) baru buka..

Pengunjung boxing day dr Malaysia yg kami jumpa...org terkenal kan..so kami kenalla..la..la.la..

Aufa yg sudah kebosanan..kepenatan..


  1. nak henbeg satuuuu.............

  2. hamboi shopping sakan noo... ;-)

  3. tak de la shopping sakan...cuci mata yg lebih...hehe...